2018 LUCI Awards


Solo Una Noche

Designed by Eric Wahlstrom

Pull on your mask, hike up your tights, and strut into the dusty arena as one of four “sort-of-famous” wrestlers to battle your nemesis in this high-flying, card-based, luchador-themed wrestling game.

The Dark Forest

Designed by Alice Yuan

A one vs many, asymmetric, semi-coop, strategy game where you either win by preforming 6 rituals thus banishing the Tree back into the darkness or by outmaneuvering the animals players and escaping the prison.


Designed by Chris Glein

Outfit your spaceship, build a deck of crew and cargo, and compete with other players over science fiction trope missions in a 60-minute space adventure.


Designed by Vitoria Cana & Alexandre Uboldi

Use cunning, wits, and underhanded tactics to turn a profit by betting on the Romain gladiatorial games.

Framed Glass

Designed by Robert Lewis

Framed Glass is a casual, abstract tile-stacking and pattern-matching game for two-four players taking less than two minutes to learn and 15 to play.

Dragon Family

Designed by Chris Glein

Build a map and raise a family of dragon hatchlings in a lightweight tile-laying game.

Point Salad

Designed by Molly Johnson, Shawn Stankewich, and Robert Melvin

Point Salad is a super-quicky card-drafting, tableau-building, set-collecting game about making the ultimate salad!

Station Nine

Designed by Adam Watts

Make yourself comfortable! Players represent different alien species with conflicting life-support requirements, working to adust a space station’s environmental systems to match their own preferred conditions.