James Ernest

James Ernest is the President and Founder of scrappy industry legend Cheapass Games. Since its launch in 1996 and release of flagship title Kill Doctor Lucky, Cheapass Games has brought light and joy to the hearts of dozens of humans. James has worked on such notable titles as Lords of Vegas, Unexploded Cow, and Pairs. He recently collaborated with author Patrick Rothfuss on the critically acclaimed Tak: A Beautiful Game.


Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott is a Seattle-based board game, card game and mobile game designer who has designed some of the most popular card games and board games in the world. Some of his most notable titles include Magic: The Gathering, Thunderstone, DiceMasters, Quarriors!, Battle Spirits Trading Card Game, and Star Trek: Fleet Captains.


Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson started his game design career at Wizards of the Coast working on Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, and his card game, Guillotine. Since then he moved between the worlds of electronic and tabletops games. His recent titles include Smash Up and Unexploded Cow, and he is a developer on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.