Whether you have too many games or need even more games, the ETX Game Market and Raffle is here to

Games donated to the ETX Game Market will be sold at the show for a fraction of their original MSRP.

Rare and interesting items will be added to the Game Raffle, to be held on Sunday. (Saturday attendees may still participate, provided they or a designated representative can pick up their prize onsite on Sunday.) Tickets will be sold at the show. Over 60 games have already been donated, with more anticipated before the event!

Join us for the charity raffle at 6:15 on Sunday outside the front entrance, weather permitting! If the weather doesn’t cooperate, an alternate location will be announced at the show and posted on this page.

Current Raffle Items:

  • Pokémon Starter Gift Boxes (1999)
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Thief’s Market
  • Tak: A Beautiful Game signed by Patrick Rothfuss & James Ernest
  • Asteroid Escape
  • RoboRally (1st Edition)
  • and more!

Proceeds will go towards expanding ETX’s offerings in 2020.

Donating Games

Thank you for your interest in donating! To donate games to the market, bring games to the show when you pick up your badge, or—preferably—give us a heads up so we know what to expect.

Have something rare or interesting you think might work for the raffle? Descriptions must be emailed to use ahead of the convention.

Unsold games will be either added to the ETX gaming library or given to local charities.