Friday, June 2nd, 2017
6 PM-11 PM

Seattle Center


Join us for Seattle Game Night! Enjoy access to our vast demo library, rub elbows with our designers and publishers, and take part casual tournaments and events:

Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering

Find out more about the more popular collectible card game in the world—Magic: The Gathering! Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and the Lady Planeswalkers Society will be here at 6 PM to introduce you to the basics, hand out some freebies, and give you the chance to sign up for future focus group testing here in Seattle!

Game of Thrones Card Game: Team Event

A team tournament for all ages. Starting Friday at 5pm, teams of three will square off and fight to be top of the lists in what is being dubbed the Trial of Three, in a unique format that will reward clever deck design and team communication.

Entry to the Trial of Three is $15 per person, or $10 with the purchase of an ETX badge. Teams must construct all three of their decks with only a single playset of cards(excluding King’s Roads and Rose Roads, see the attachment below for futher rules explanation).

Normal FFG rules apply, with four rounds of swiss and a cut to the top 2/4 teams depending on attendance. Custom art cards and faction cards will be given out as door prizes with more awarded to the winners of each round, plus custom playmats designed by our very own Tristin Ishmael awarded to the teams that make the cut.

Android Netrunner: Welcome to Seattle Event

Come meet and greet other Netrunner players as they arrive for Nationals at ETX! There are plenty of tables at Seattle Game Night for open play, so bring a Corp and a Runner deck and enjoy a few pick up games with other enthusiasts and beginners alike.

There will also be a FREE casual Swiss tournament, with promos given out for each game win, for those who want a little more structure.