Evergreen Tabletop Expo 2017

 Evergreen Tabletop Expo is a tabletop convention designed by gamers for gamers.  We will have publishers, retailers, artists, and so much more there showcasing their wares.  Many local and national designers and publishers will be running demo games all weekend long. There is a sizeable freeplay area – last year it was packed to the brim during the entire convention and we expect the same this year.  There is a freeplay demo library where you can check out many many games.

ETX has been a smashing success for two years running with roughly 900 tabletop fans, players, artists and designers joining to play games together.

ETX 2017 is going to be even bigger and better.  We will be hosting National level events, bringing in more game publishers, and recruiting industry luminaries as special guests to broaden ETX’s appeal.

PLEASE NOTE: No ticket is required for entry into Seattle Game Night presented by Evergreen Tabletop Expo on Friday June 2nd, 2017.  Children 8 years old and under may enter ETX for free. No ticket purchase is required for their entry.