2017 LUCI Awards


Alien Overrun

Designed by Mark Jindra and Kevin Endo

Alien Overrun is a cooperative game of exploration, resource gathering, press-your-luck dice combat, and an escalation. Whenever aliens overrun an outpost your team gets a call. Your mission: rid the base of any alien presence and repair the damaged reactor core before it goes critical.

Click Click Boom

Designed by Sean Epperson

Use cunning, wits, deception, to make your fortune at the table, in this bluffing game of Russian roulette featuring a collection of cartoonish western characters with unique abilities.


Designed by Zac Bauermeister

Counterintelligents is an asymmetrical game of deduction, hidden identities, secret action assignment, spycraft, and gratuitous arson, in which you use covert agents to find out which of your friends is secretly trying to assassinate you, while trying to assassinate someone else first.

Destruct Sequence, Disengage!

Designed by David Fooden

Repair the control panel, deactivate the self-destruct sequence, and prevent the cat from doing any more damage in this exciting co-op survival game!

Fantastic Factories

Designed by Joseph Chen

Race to see who can build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest amount of time in this dice placement, resource management, engine building game!

Imperial Chicken

Designed by Koray Kocaturk

Hidden motivations, a multitude of character traits, reality warping counters, and throw in an accidental trip for good measure; immortals and their mortal allies battle for supremacy in this 2-4 player game.

Single Combat

Designed by Josh Costello

Choose your weapon, select your moves, and time your attacks and defenses to outmaneuver your opponent in this one-on-one swordfighting card game with a unique timeline mechanic.


Designed by Tim Denney

Night is about to begin, race competing dream delivery companies and upgrade your dream machine to build, block, and overtake routes, build your economy to manipulate reality, and claim victory over the dream world.