Thanks for attending ETX!

ETX is committed to providing a safe, welcoming experience for all, regardless of body type, disability, gender, physical appearance, sexuality, race, or religion.  As such, ETX has zero-tolerance policy for harassment. By attending, you assert and agree that you understand and will follow the following policies. ETX reserves the right to remove attendees from the event without refund, ban attendees from all future events, and call law enforcement.

If you need help, ask any ETX staff member.


Don’t assault people, or threaten to do so. This includes uninvited physical or sexual contact.

Don’t harass anyone. This includes but is not limited to verbal harassment, bathroom policing, unwanted attention or touching, consistent disruption of a panel or panels, and stalking.

Don’t make a mess. If you do, please clean it up.

Don’t steal.

Note Neither ETX nor Marriott are responsible for lost or stolen property. A Lost and Found will be maintained at the front entrance for the duration of the event. Unclaimed items may be disposed of or donated.

Don’t wear or display Nazi paraphernalia.

Do ask permission before photographing or recording another attendee. Remember, costumes and clothing do not imply consent.

Do keep your wristband visible at all times.

Do be aware parts of ETX may be recorded or streamed online.  By attending, you acknowledge your understanding and consent to this.

Do not gatekeep bathrooms or any other space.

Do not out anyone.