To prepare aspiring board game designers, we are offering a curriculum of four classes and one roundtable. Participants who attend at least four of these events will receive a Certificate of Education, and a chance at design-related rewards from generous sponsors.


Game Design 101, by James Ernest:

Having published over 100 games (and designed many more), James can provide the experience and insight required to galvanize an aspiring designer into progressing their idea into a working design. Not only has he been successful more times than most, he can point out mistakes he’s made to prevent others from doing the same.

Playtesting Class, by Liz Spain:

After overseeing playtesting both for her own game company — as well as Lone Shark Games — Liz can explain what constitutes a good playtest session, how to reach out to interested gamers, and how playtest informs design iteration and development.

Pitching to Publishers Class, by M. Craig Stockwell:

A self-described journeyman designer, Craig has signed games with a few publishers, but pitched to many more. As someone still “in the trenches”, he can offer contemporary insight into the process, including avoiding common pitfalls.

Game Production Class, by Ray Wehrs:

As president of Calliope Games, Ray has produced more than a dozen successful titles. By sharing his experience, designers will understand the processes of production, and how designing with production in mind can make the process smoother and quicker.

Roundtable Discussion, by Instructors and other Game Industry MVPs:

This forum is an opportunity for students to ask questions of the instructors, especially those which crossover between classes.