Avonelle Wing joins us as part of Envoy, Double Exposure’s newest project. Envoy brings gamers, publishers and retailers together to help introduce games and gaming to new players. Leading up to launching Envoy, Avie has been running gaming cons her entire adult life. She grew up in the Double Exposure community and found her voice as a creator and an activist in the context of creating thoughtful space for gamers and fans. She is a larpwright, a community organizer and an intersectional feminist. Her body of work in the last decade has focused on amplifying the voices of disadvantaged and under-represented game creators and consumers.


Craig is a Seattle-based tabletop game designer who recently returned to the industry. An active member of several gaming communities, he has taken on the role of Director of the ETX Design Academy. He is best known for Toon Ace Catalog and Witches of the Revolution. Regularly found at friendly local game stores, he likes to connect gamers with games they will like, and aspiring game designers with a publisher who will like their latest prototype.


Isaias Vallejo wears many hats. He is one of the founders of Daily Magic Games where he focuses his attention on being the creative director, business manager, and game developer for several titles. He is the game designer of Valeria: Card Kingdoms, Sunrise City, and Quests of Valeria. He co-designed Villages of Valeria and is in the middle of co-designing several other games set in the Valeriaverse. He also helps run playtestNW, an organization focused on bringing game designers together to build better games. He is father to one beautiful girl and husband to another beautiful woman.


James Ernest is the President and Founder of scrappy industry legend Cheapass Games. Since its launch in 1996 and release of flagship title Kill Doctor Lucky, Cheapass Games has brought light and joy to the hearts of dozens of humans. James has worked on such notable titles as Lords of Vegas, Unexploded Cow, and Pairs. He recently collaborated with author Patrick Rothfuss on the critically acclaimed Tak: A Beautiful Game.


Liz specializes in weaving rich themes into the game experience. Over the past decade, Liz has worked in a number of roles freelancing for game companies such as Harebrained Schemes, Flying Frog Productions, and Aesterlight Studios. She once took on the mad task of becoming her own board game publishing company with a steampunk exploration game called Incredible Expeditions. Today, Liz is the Card Shark for Lone Shark Games, designing mechanics for new games such as the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game. She is also a leading expert in designing games for dogs.


Marie Poole is the Chief Business Officer of Lone Shark Games, Executive Director of the Inclusiveness Initiative and a member of the board of GAMA. She has coupled her business acumen with a passion for gaming and the community in which it thrives. Marie can often be found at one of her favorite local game stores gaming with her friends. Her passions in the industry include: finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint in game production and creating an inclusive safe environment for all folks.


Paul Peterson started his game design career at Wizards of the Coast working on Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, and his card game, Guillotine. Since then he moved between the worlds of electronic and tabletops games. His recent titles include Smash Up and Unexploded Cow, and he is a developer on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.