ETX is excited to partner with PlaytestNW for the third year in a row to present the NorthWest LUCI Award! Showcasing innovative, independent tabletop game design, the LUCI Award is open to any designer with an unpublished game.

Congratulations to our 2018 finalists!

Solo Una Noche

Designed by Eric Wahlstrom

Pull on your mask, hike up your tights, and strut into the dusty arena as one of four “sort-of-famous” wrestlers to battle your nemesis in this high-flying, card-based, luchador-themed wrestling game.

The Dark Forest

Designed by Alice Yuan

A one vs many, asymmetric, semi-coop, strategy game where you either win by preforming 6 rituals thus banishing the Tree back into the darkness or by outmaneuvering the animals players and escaping the prison.


Designed by Chris Glein

Outfit your spaceship, build a deck of crew and cargo, and compete with other players over science fiction trope missions in a 60-minute space adventure.


Designed by Vitoria Cana & Alexandre Uboldi

Use cunning, wits, and underhanded tactics to turn a profit by betting on the Romain gladiatorial games.

Framed Glass

Designed by Robert Lewis

Framed Glass is a casual, abstract tile-stacking and pattern-matching game for two-four players taking less than two minutes to learn and 15 to play.

Dragon Family

Designed by Chris Glein

Build a map and raise a family of dragon hatchlings in a lightweight tile-laying game.

Point Salad

Designed by Molly Johnson, Shawn Stankewich, and Robert Melvin

Point Salad is a super-quicky card-drafting, tableau-building, set-collecting game about making the ultimate salad!

Station Nine

Designed by Adam Watts

Make yourself comfortable! Players represent different alien species with conflicting life-support requirements, working to adust a space station’s environmental systems to match their own preferred conditions.

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